Germany-wide FeedGreen study showed: Superfood for dogs is worth it!

We stand behind our products. In a Germany-wide study, we wanted to find out from our customers whether FeedGreen products inspire them as much as the FeedGreen team does. The result: they do!

Neuss, November 7th, 2018. The majority (92.1%) of dog owners participating in the FeedGreen Superfood study (focus on FeedGreen powder) have dogs between the ages of 1 and 10 years. Both dog owners of purebred dog breeds and mixed breeds took part.

For us, the motivation was to commission a study and find out whether our customers were just as impressed with our products and whether there were positive changes in their beloved pet. The feedback was overwhelming.

82.2% of participants said that a positive change had occurred within fourteen days. Another 17.9% said that FeedGreen products had brought about positive changes in their four-legged friends within 30 days. We were very pleased with the positive response!

100% of the dog owners surveyed said that the FeedGreen powder was very well received by their own dogs and was happily eaten. Over 44% of those surveyed stated that there was an improvement in specific symptoms. The FeedGreen powders can generally be administered as a dietary supplement as well as specifically for illnesses and animal problems.

The most commonly reported problems and illnesses were not a big surprise to us as dog lovers and dog supplement developers. As always, problems with fur and skin topped the list of most frequently mentioned problems, followed by bones & joints, intestines & digestive system, teeth and other diseases or problem areas.

Those surveyed stated that their dogs drool less, their fur became shinier and more supple, their skin's appearance improved, annoying itching decreased significantly, and periods of diarrhea stopped. In general, it was repeatedly mentioned that the dogs became more agile and mobile, the stool was of significantly better quality and even the pain of a dog suffering from osteoarthritis could be noticeably reduced.

The FeedGreen superfoods owe this resounding effect to their carefully selected ingredients, which are processed in organic quality. Thanks to the high-quality and natural ingredients, FeedGreen products do not contain any flavor enhancers or harmful preservatives. Wonderfully natural!

Our participating FeedGreen customers stated that they find the following ingredients particularly valuable in our dietary supplements: devil's claw (52.4%), spirulina (42.90%), stinging nettle (41.3%), rose hip (39.7% ) and brewer's yeast (38.1%). You can find out more about the ingredients of our FeedGreen powders here.

Many customers also told us that they do not yet consider the price-performance ratio to be optimal. We have therefore revised the content quantities for our new products and will sell all powders with +25% more content in the future. As a loving dog owner, you get more quality for your animal and at the same price. It's worth it, right?

Of course, we will not hide the study that was carried out from you. As a company that embraces value, quality and transparency as virtues, we would of course also like to share with you the exact study results. Download the FeedGreen Superfood study (.PDF file) now for free!

If you have any questions or comments about the FeedGreen Superfood study or general questions about our products, simply call +49 (0) 21317724545 or send us an email . We look forward to seeing you!