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At what age can I feed FeedGreen powder?

Our types of food are generally suitable for dogs of all ages. Young dogs in particular have a particularly high need for natural foods, as young dogs do not yet have a strong immune system like older dogs. In this case, it is even indicated to replace the feeding of puppies and young dogs with FeedGreen powder if possible in order to counteract diseases such as giardia and other typical diseases in young dogs.

What improvements in the clinical picture can I expect?

Basically, all FeedGreen products are not a medical product, but consist of selected organic raw materials (powder), which all come from nature and can compensate for any possible nutrient deficiencies in the feed. The dog's organism is dependent on vitamins, minerals and proteins that are often not sufficiently present in normal, industrially produced food. The well-being of the animals is important to us, which is why we don't go the route of promoting a new, unique food, but instead offer you an alternative with FeedGreen powder to supplement the food you have chosen with vital substances that may not be present in sufficient quantities .

What is FeedGreen Intense?

Feed-Green intense is an alternative for dog owners who barf their dogs. The meal consists of freeze-dried meat and dried vegetables and herbs. To do this, the meat is gently dried and after drying the water content is usually 1-4%. The advantage is that the original structure and almost all aromatic substances are retained. By adding around 750ml of water and waiting for around 15-20 minutes, a completely natural and high-quality meal is created.

What are Incentive Products?

Under Incentive we carry products that are treats with valuable ingredients for your pet. At the same time they fulfill a function. E.g. salmon and strawberry:
The salmon it contains offers valuable Omega3 fatty acids, which reduce the risk of periodontitis, as well as vitamin D, which improves the absorption of calcium and thus ensures a healthy tooth base. Omega-3 fatty acids also support the joints and ensure a shiny coat. The strawberry acts like a tooth whitener and effectively fights tooth decay and reduces tartar.
The addition of FeedGreen Incentice – Salmon and Strawberry is always preferable to a Dentastick with artificial substances and grains.