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Loving dogs means protecting them...

At the time, I was very worried about my 3-year-old golden retriever, Hanny. Her fur and her breath smelled increasingly unpleasant, she shed heavily and appeared tired despite her young age. Even on walks she just trotted along listlessly beside me.

At this time I completed my training as a holistic nutritionist. A comprehensive part of the year-long training focused on the benefits of so-called superfoods. This refers to foods with specific health benefits. My lecturer answered my question whether you can also feed animals with superfood in the affirmative.

I then researched experiences and studies in the area of ​​superfoods for animals, especially dogs. I tested different combinations and dosages on Hanny - and after a few weeks I noticed a significant improvement in her well-being. The unpleasant smell disappeared, Hanny's fur shone again and her general condition improved from week to week. From then on, Hanny's daily ration of superfood was part of his normal food ration. There are many dog ​​owners in my circle of friends. Some of them report on the health problems of their protégés.
I started putting together special superfood blends for my friends' animals. And in fact: with regular supplementary feeding, most four-legged friends soon noticed a significant improvement. Many dog ​​owners now give their pets my products every day as a preventive measure. Because prevention is still the best medicine in this case!
One of my special “problem children” was Paul, a young male Doberman. He was a huge guy, but extremely timid despite his size. His fur was flaky and his owner, Christof, feared that Paul might later have problems with his joints due to his size. I gave him a sachet of my mixture and Paul's condition improved after a few weeks.
Christof was so enthusiastic that he wanted to make my superfood mixtures available to a wide range of dog owners. So we founded the company Feedgreen together…


Product tester

Only what I like is included in the range. But I like almost everything...
So I let my mom decide what goes into the bag.

Heike Endemann

Product development

Nutritionist and dog lover. For me, living healthily was not an option. Why not for my dog ​​too….

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