The importance of the immune system in cats

When we talk about the cat's immune system, we are talking about the natural defenses that the animal must bring into play against illnesses and pathogens. Over the course of a cat's long life, there are always situations that challenge the immune system: cold, wet, bacteria, viruses, fights with other cats (if the animal is an outdoor cat) and the resulting injuries, wrong food, spoiled food and and and. Therefore, the owner should support it as much as possible so that it is at the highest possible level at all times.

Don't show weakness

This is easier to say for a cat than you think. Because it's not just the components mentioned above that are designed to challenge the immune system. Parasites, allergies and of course the age of the animal can also cause a weakened immune system. Even the slightest stress can be a major trigger for a sudden onset of illness for some cats. Be it a move, a loud argument between the owners - cats are very sensitive and some of them cannot tolerate loud noises, moves or even the daily ringing of the postman. This is where your powers of observation are needed to find out what could be weakening your cat.

This strengthens the cat's immune system

Make sure you get enough fresh air and get more exercise, both outdoors and inside the home. Furthermore, cats are heavy sleepers. You get 17 hours of sleep per day. The best way to do this is to set up a retreat that either no one can reach or that at least everyone leaves alone when the animal is there. Awakening a cat from sleep actually causes a lot of stress for the animal.

The be-all and end-all – nutrition

That's right, cats have been the destroyers of all leftover food for centuries. But actually they were because otherwise they would have starved to death in earlier years. So they couldn't be food contemptuous. Today things look completely different. With the help of good nutritional advice, you can feed your cat exactly what he needs. The immune system can only be strong if the intestines and intestinal flora are healthy. It is therefore important to seek detailed advice from a veterinarian, animal health practitioner or specialist seller in the feed store. Additionally, nutritional supplements can be used to fill in any gaps. Spirulina algae are just as conceivable as various herbs that have a positive effect on the digestive tract. The range of combination products is very large, so good advice is advisable here too.