Training & Belohnung Drops
Training & Reward Treats | Function Drops | FeedGreen
Training & Reward Treats | Function Drops | FeedGreen
Training & Reward Treats | Function Drops | FeedGreen
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Training & Reward Treats | Function Drops | FeedGreen

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FeedGreen innovation 2020:

Training & Reward Drops

The perfect drop for increased attention and long-lasting motivation.

Pressed extra small, you avoid saturation and can keep the dog fixated on you for a longer period of time.
The customers are enthusiastic, so you should definitely try this wonderful product.

  • Free from chemical additives
Please also read the detailed description.

Extra small drops as a training & reward treat with a big effect

Lack of motivation and declining concentration make your work with your dog difficult? That means our TB-Drops treats could be your solution. Our Feed-Green Functional Drop " Training and Reward Treat" is another product in the Functional Snack Dog Food - Dog Reward category! They are the taste bestseller of the functional drop series.

Your dog will especially love the drops because of their good taste, and therefore also the hand that gives them.
The more aromatic a training snack smells and tastes, the more motivated the dog will be to receive it. FeedGreen Drops are cold extruded and, in addition to important nutrients and vital substances, retain the fresh aroma of the natural raw materials.
With salmon oil, Antarctic krill and Moringa oleifera, these healthy drops provide an extra portion of Omega 3 + 6 fatty acids in addition to the irresistible taste.
With valuable amino acids from insect protein. Therefore also suitable for sensitive dogs and puppies.

The dog's needs?

Let's take a look at it together using the following example! You leave the house with your dog. As a result, her dearest friend (most of the time) does the “little business”. After that, depending on their temperament and age, many dogs will “let off steam”! They chase like crazy in circles, so they do their rounds until they are exhausted. Once this has happened, they often demand their master's attention again! In their eyes you can literally read, “let’s play” or “let’s go for a walk”. Now the dog is ready to work with you! Why? Of course, because he enjoys it! Now it's up to you to make the right thing out of it!

Working with the dog and its rewards

Why do we often read these incredible stories of tracking dogs? "The child was rescued after more than 17 hours of searching, thanks to the use of a dog team in the forest! Or, the incredible find at the airport! A drug-sniffing dog found 1 kg of cocaine in a traveler's luggage, although it was not noticed during the X-ray check I could go on and on, but let's get back to the core problem.

Do it just like the pros! A motivated dog is focused as long as I signal to him what I want him to do! No wild jumping around, at best the opposite is often the case! The dog appears balanced and concentrated insofar as he distributes his strength. In the next section I would like to help you take the first step, or rather, your first successful step, towards becoming a dog training expert. Favorite drops = work!

How do training & reward drops treats work? How do I use these most effectively?

There are various important function drops from Feed-Green that can help alleviate nutritional problems as well as health problems. To eliminate or improve your dog's behavior and well-being.

By the way, you should consider the Training & Reward Drops as something special. Because your chosen, unique taste is immediately stored in your dog's memory. Remember the “Stress Memory” section in the Relax Drops description? What happens in the negative also happens in the positive.
Use this fascinating treat to create a bridge in the dog's mind, or even a solid connection, between your dog training and dog drops! I smell my favorite drops, now things get exciting. Imprint your dog on these drops if you want his full attention! Motivate him. You are only a little bit away from success. Little tricks and obedience are not rocket science. Do it just like the professionals and dog trainers do.

Confidence and discipline lead to success in the training plan for puppies and dog training

You can do it! Please trust me and from now on work with your dog, always focused and consciously! I promise you, you will be on the road to success and your friends will envy you because of your smart dog. Of course, you can also be sure of the respect of other dog owners!

If you have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to helping you. If you write to us about your positive experiences and successes, all dog lovers will benefit.
And always remember that!!! Our favorite “TB Drops” are designed for training and reward. Shape your dog!
The Feed-Green team wishes you much success.
Thank you for reading the text to the end.

Composition: Vegetable extracts from oilseeds, sweet potato, insect proteins from Hermetia larvae, peas, Antarctic krill, salmon oil, brewer's yeast, rosemary extract
Without grains, sugar and chemical additives.
Analytical components: Analytical components: crude protein 18.5%, crude fat 10%, crude ash 6.3%, crude fiber 3.8%
Feeding recommendation: As needed. Please always provide fresh drinking water.
Storage instructions: Please store in a cool and dry place.
Contents: 200g